The Pokémon Timeline (With Sun and Moon) - Ft Gnoggin

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The Ultimate Pokemon Timeline video with Gnoggin from Creation through Pokemon Multiverses, Red and Blue, Gold and Silver to Pokémon: Sun and Moon (25:15 = WARNING OF SPOILERS)!

Let us go for 2000 Likes for this video! And comment for what should be next: Pokemon Anime Timeline or Final Fantasy XV Timeline.

Take a trip over the exstensive lore of the series and experience 20 years of Pokemon like never before with superb editing and voicing.

A big thanks to Lockstin/Gnoggin, check out his Channel!:

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Pokemon Orchestrated Remixes by Luigigigas:

Pokemon Origins Soundtrack

Pallet Town - Pokemon (Orchestra) by William Vuong

Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Remix by DJTheFishhead

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